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Diagnostics in Education, Inc. (NoFAD)

        John M. Suozzi, Ph.D. and Cynthia C. Suozzi, Ed.D.


Dr. John M. Suozzi is a New York State Licensed Psychologist who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of pervasive developmental disorders.  With fifteen years of experience in clinical and educational settings, he is adept at drawing the connection between behavior and learning. His consultative services include curriculum and instructional modification, alternate instructional techniques for students with severe disabilities, behavior analysis and modification, diagnostic assessments, psychoeducational assessments, parent training, and staff development. Dr. Suozzi has an extensive professional background, having provided clinical and supervisory services in prestigious organizations and institutions such as the Cody Center at Stony Brook University Hospital and The Children’s Hospital of Richmond, VA. Over the years, Dr. Suozzi has become a highly regarded resource to parents and children as a result of his keen insight into the developmental needs of children and young adults with Autism and developmental disabilities, his exceptional diagnostic ability, and his family-friendly therapeutic orientation. Dr. Suozzi has multiple publications in the field of clinical psychology.

Dr. Cynthia C. Suozzi is a certified special educator, certified general educator, certified school administrator, and a college professor.  She spent many years as a classroom teacher and, as  an Assistant Director of Special Education and a Director of Special Education, she supervised and mentored hundreds of teachers regarding instructional methodologies and best practices in special education. She has more than ten years of experience teaching special education at the college level as well. Of particular interest to Dr. Suozzi is the development of social skills in students with disabilities for both personal/social and social/academic development.  This area of focus is evident from her published research including her doctoral dissertation, as well as in the ongoing programs and services developed under her consultation and direction.


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